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Name:Mr. J.RIDHO SAPUTRA [Marketing]
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Y!: utha_tian@yahoo.com Y!: utha_tian
Mobile Number:082111024220
Phone Number:6221 522 9927
Fax Number:6221 5229928
Address:Jl.H.R.Rasuna Said Kav.X-2 No.4 Jakarta 12950
JAKARTA 12950, Jakarta
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Registration Date:May. 04, 2011
Last Updated:May. 04, 2011
Business Nature:Service of Business Services category

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About Nine Stars Futures

PT.NINE STARS is a broker company which has its headquarters in Central Java, which shelter under the corporate network Nine Stars Nine Stars Group, including Property, Nine Stars Trade & Stockpile ( Coal) , Stars EMKL, Nine Stars Trade & Heavy Duty Equipment . We' re always working to provide professional service and reliable, both involving the procurement of facilities and human resource capacity.

PT. Nine Stars Futures has the legality under the supervision of:

* BAPPEBTI ( Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Board) with the license number 918/ Bappebti/ S1/ 8/ 2006
* Member of the BBJ ( Jakarta Futures Exchange) registration number SPAB-126/ BBJ/ 05/ 05
* Member of KBI ( Indonesian Derivatives Clearing House) No: 65/ AK-KBI/ XII/ 2008.

With the support of the latest technology, our management personnel have relevant and adequate knowledge to provide insight to its customers about the risks, constraints and opportunities in investing in futures trading. Thus, our customers have the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions when transacting in the futures market.

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